Sample Wills - Will With Absolute Gift To Spouse, Appointment Of Testamentary Guardian, Gift To Children Etc

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Want to make a start on your will?

Making a will is simple

Making a Will is not about wealth it is about making sure that what you want to happen to your estate does happen. It gives you the opportunity to specify such things as who will administer your estate, who will care for your children and who will receive specific items of your property.

Will with absolute gift to spouse, appointment of testamentary guardian, gift to children and provision for loan to guardian


  1. I hereby revoke all my previous wills
  2. After payment of my debts funeral and testamentary expenses I give all my estate to my wife and appoint her sole executrix of this my will provided that if she shall predecease me or the gift to her shall fail for any other reason the following clauses shall come into effect
  3. I appoint of and of to be my executors and trustees (`my trustees')
  4. I appoint to be the testamentary guardian of any of my children who are minors
  5. After paying my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and any taxes due on my death my trustees shall hold my estate upon trust for such of my children living at my death as shall attain the age of 18 and if more than one in equal shares.
  6. I request that if my trustees consider my children's guardian needs financial assistance to purchase an alternative house to accommodate them or to extend her existing house for that purpose they make funds available to her by way of a loan from my estate on such terms as to repayment and interest as they in their discretion think fit
  7. I wish to be cremated after a service at Any town Parish Church and I authorise my executors to pay for a reception afterwards at a convenient hotel or restaurant


IN WITNESS whereof I have signed this my will this day of [month year] Signed by the said as his [Signature of testator] last will in the presence of us [Signature of first witness] both being present at the same [Name, address and occupation of time who at his request and in first witness] his presence and in the presence [Signature of second witness] of each other have hereunto [Name, address and occupation of signed our names as witnesses second witness]

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see: Making a will - The Law Society. Please note that will making differs in Scotland and this website currently deals with English laFree Will download


Perhaps you might consider taking legal advice from a solicitor about making a will if any of the following apply to your circumstances:


  1. A number of people could make a claim on your estate when you pass away because they depend on yourself financially
  2. You want to include a trust in your will (perhaps to provide for children, to save tax, or simply protect your assets in some way after you become deceased)
  3. Your physical and permanent home is not in the UK and / or you are not a British citizen
  4. You live here in the UK but you have additional property abroad
  5. You own all or part of a UK business.

see: Making a will - The Law Society. Please note that will making differs in Scotland and this website currently deals with English law.

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